Friday, August 14, 2009

My Sweet Memory

I just can not stand for the dusty storeroom anymore and decided to have a talk with hubby on how to clean it up. But when I looked into the stuffs that I stored, I took more than half days in side the storeroom without doing anything but I found my sweet memory

My two little princesses are already 4 and 6 now. I did consider giving all the baby stuffs to either my friends or my sis for their coming soon baby. But I am just not willing to do so

I know those are unused stuffs for me as I and hubby already decided not to having third kid. When I look at those baby clothes, Baby Bedding, and toys, that's all are my sweet memory! Even though some are second items which given by my sis in law, but it's still the stuffs been used by my two little princesses.

This is totally different from the feeling when I open my photo album. From the photo album, I can see and remind me the changes, the growing of my princesses. But the baby stuffs remind me the every little single efforts, cares and concerns of me to my two little princesses. This is the reason why I spend more than half day in the storeroom without doing anything. LOL


vicy said...

HI there Michelle..Hopping here and to your other blogs..Hope you can drop by on my page too..Take care

Gongs said...

Great article and well written, thanks! I greatly appreciate it.