Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Multi Task

I am wondering how the big boss values the staff’s works.

I heard that she still not stratified with the jobs that we done and she expects us to work more dynamic. We all know she prefers staffs working multi task. But I am not totally agreed with this.
I do agree that it is good to expose to different job field and extend your knowledge out of your profession. The more you learn and with different job scope, you are more likely having better view. When you more understand each and every department operation, you will not only working as a staff but you will stand at the position of your boss to review your company operation. This is probably what the big boss needed.

But my concern is, do you think a person can handle well if he or she working in multitask? For sure more or less, the heavy workflow will affected the quality of work.

We all are working under pressure with the daily heavy workflow. To finish a job on time is not an easy task. If there is more works coming in, how we manage to do our jobs well?

I am foreseen the boss will say: It’s depends on how you take it and how you handle it. Whether you accept your job or you tender your resignation.....


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