Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

I am not young anymore. Another few days to go will be my 30+++ birthday. Sorry but I just do not want to disclose my real age in the air. :P

I do wish I can have a luxury birthday gift to myself if I am affordable. This is my wish every year but life just not follow as what I wish….

Life is perfect because of the incomplete. Do you agree with me?

I love to have one luxury birthday gift. I wish the gift to compensation to all my hard work. But why I need that in my life? I think God know so he decided to give me something different.

My appreciation: -

To all my family members, my relatives, my friends and colleagues:-

Thank you for all the friendship. Thank you for all the cares and concerns. Thank you for every single little love and caring.

My 30+++ birthday wish:-

I wish every one is healthy and happy everyday.

I wish all my wishes may come true!

Thank you to all of you because you come to my life and make my life completed.

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