Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out-Source for Better Result

It's nearly month end and we started to leave office late as usual. I am lucky because other than me, I have another colleague will accompany me to work late. She is working in HR department but she is just sitting nearby me. Actually even thought we work late together but we seldom chit chatting. Both of us need to rush our work to finish it as soon as possible. This is the reason why both of us work with silently. :P

Today she complaint to me about her silly works during month end. The one that she hates the most is the car allowance report that she needs to prepare. Of course she already has all those necessary forms and formats that boss required but still can not fulfill the boss needs.

I do advise her to check on Mileage reimbursement program that available online. Some times it's impossible to do and handle all staffs matters by one HR staff. Her workflow is already full enough. It's better to look for out-source if the boss really needs some neat and tidy and well organized analysis and reports. I think that will be more efficient way for boss to make decision. Besides, boss can save on the overtime cost as well. :P

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