Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy to get One

Don't know what time it will comes but it's just nice to get one.

I do wish my luck can continue. This is the only way I can continue enjoy a better life.

It's already a habit sitting in front of the computer, read news, visit friend's blogs and stumble to others blog for reading fun. I love to surf net but I am a bit lazy in forwarding mail. Some times it's too many emails come from friends. I will only forward those emails which I think they are useful info and I think it's good to share.

But this really takes times. The only surprise will be the time when I manage to grab a job. One is enough to make me happy for a day.

It's all about give and take......

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answerstash said...

Yes blogging is really a time consuming work i have set 2 hours daily for blogging 6 days a week but i found it is really very interesting work. I hope you will find a good job soon and also start blogging.