Monday, May 25, 2009

Buy Extra for Spare

As I told you before, I am a stingy woman. I use to spend only on whatever I want. I thought this will be great as this is one of the good habits. But when I growing and learned from life experience, many things need to be keep stock instead of we buy it when the time we need it.

I learned this from my hubby actually. Last time I will also query why he needs to buy those stuffs which we actually can buy whenever we need it instead of buy and keep it in the store room. Finally I learned.

For example, buying fluorescent light bulbs, if we wait until we need it then only we go and purchase, that will be a bit late. Isn't it?

Besides, my princess's toothbrush is another good example. She accidentally slipped and fell over in the bathroom while she was brushing tooth one night. The toothbrush dropped in the toilet bowl! We forced to throw the toothbrush away and this caused her no toothbrush to use in the next morning because I didn't buy a spare one. :P

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