Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Boss Overseas

Our big boss will be overseas next month. She will be off and having a seven weeks break. At first I thought she is going to enjoy holidays but I am wrong. I just been inform that she is going to attend a short course in US for seven weeks to update and enhance she knowledge on building design and construction.

What a good motivation to all of us. Even though she is already a big boss but she is having the initiative and approach to continue learning. This is one of the reasons to be a successor, isn't it?

We are preparing the expenses she going to spend for the trip. She has a relative living in US and this makes her plan running smoother. She has no problem with the temporary seven weeks accommodation problem as her relative already find one for her. We are just only prepared and send her the fund for the rental and utility deposits and her relative is helping her dealing with the landlord.

Besides, our big boss is in the consideration of signing up the Qwest packages. This is one her relative recommendation. She suggested our big boss sign up for the Qwest phone service . This is a good idea of saving on phone calls. As she concerns that our big boss may meeting her friends in US often, an unlimited phone calls friend is suitable for her.

Besides, she is helping our big boss to save on internet service as well. As she is going to take over the house that she rented for our big boss, she is suggested our big boss to sign up the Qwest high speed Internet package which having promotion right now with the cost of $14.99 per month.

This is the best of having one which willing to help you when you are overseas. You can get advices and suggestion from them without having hassle and wasting time. Every things can goes smooth as per your wish.

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