Friday, March 6, 2009

Curious Decision

I am worry now when will be the new project started. Our company management decided to rebuild the ground floor to become a sales gallery. Marketing department will move up to our level and they will share place with us.

I do wish this is not the true. We all disagree with this as our department is just nice to fit seven of us. If really want to add in some more furniture I am afraid we will have no place to walk. :P Other than that, we all feel headache with the furniture and documents shipping. All stuffs are well arranged and we all have already get use with the environment within this nine months ago in the new office, but now it has to be change. We all are curious with the decision.....

We are now looking forward for the kind decision of our boss to get help from Moving Company. No one wants to be a coolie. Hopefully this will be the temporary arrangement. We all willing to wait even the renovation will be completed within three months or the worst, six months. We all agree that marketing team should move back to downstairs for the both convenience of staffs and customers.

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