Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad Mum

I just don't know what the way is for my two little princesses stay healthy continuously. My princesses fall sick again. Or the correctly to say, they no even get recovery once. Medicine had been given and those viruses seem like killed but its come back easily. Both of them never get fully recover from cough and flu since don't know when. I just can not stand for it. Every month my fixed expenses and huge expenses will be medical fees for my two little princesses and for myself as well. I just so regret my weak body and pass them my poor gene that given them weak bodies as well. I am such a bad mum! I hate myself!

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msaufong said...

Those are something we could not control. even people strong like cow will get sick too.

Think two of them still young and not used to wide environment in school yet. Give them more time to used of it..sickness will go away soon.