Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Collection Matter

This is the 7th final reminder I send out for today. I need to prepare another two by tomorrow as the management has decided to proceed to take legal action to those long overdue debtors. Actually I don’t know why they didn’t take any action at the earlier stage. Those debts have been more than 5 years. I believe there will be a proper procedure for a company for debts collection. As I know, those cases are under special arrangement. This is the main reason why it takes so long to to make up decision whether or not to proceed to legal action.

I don’t like this kind of special arrangement. I like straight forward method. For me, the longer time we give to the debtor, the chance of getting back the debts is lower. If I am the boss, I will directly appoint Collection Agency to help me for on this. I don’t mind to spend on the service. I don’t mind to make lower profit.

My department head had instructed me to find and take out those 5 years ago files, get ready to send to our panel lawyer. I hate this the most. Tomorrow you will never see me online at office hour. I will be in the store room & finding those files & related documents! *sob*

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