Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Support to a Breastfeed Mom

Even though my colleague breastfeed for about three months but still she keep on feel no confident. Almost every day she will talk and share with me her cares and concerns to her baby. Of course, I can only share with her all the experience that I have and I know.

I think I need to take out all my nursing books to her for guidelines. Personal experiences are one thing but I do prefer she can have better knowledge on the right nursing care especially the breastfeed issues. I do wish that she can keep on continue breastfeed longer but she just leak of confident. Yes, I do agree that it is not an easy task to being a working mom and give the best to the baby. This is all she needs to learn on how to being a successful breastfeed working mom.

I still remember the time when I having same feeling with her. But the motivation from books and informative website, encouragement and support from family members and friends are so importance to overcome all the worries and queries. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as a person having concern on one that he or she targeted to.

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