Saturday, November 29, 2008

Part Time Job

What is the reason lead you to be a boss? For those who under employment, I think most of them will be same like me. Full time income is not enough to cover monthly expenses. And this is the reason why so many people will go for part time job.

As I know, some people maybe will have two to three part time jobs. They are the group of people spending most of their time working for money. We can not blame them that are wrong. But I just can not agree with such a workaholic.

Some jobs like direct sales, insurance agent, unit trust adviser, after the product training and specific exam passed to being an authorized seller, they can be their own boss. But I will prefer my part time job is under employment rather than self employed.

Yesterday my colleagues asked me about the products selling at NFL Merchandise. They are very interested to those NFL uniforms sets and accessories. Some of them even asked me to purchase in bulk and sell to them. This will be a great idea as I can enjoy being a reseller but I just have no confident to do so. Maybe I have no potential to be a boss...

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