Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Christmas Season

Do you ever been told that the Christmas presents that you got was from Santa Claus? The Christmas presents will only existed in the Santa sock when you wake up from bed. And your parent told you that was gifts from Santa. Santa Claus only came when you fall sleep….

This is the tricks that I had been done when last year Christmas. And this is why my princesses said they will not go to bed until Santa come. I am started regret with what I had been done last year. :P

Anywhere, I was just told my two little princesses about the Christmas Party that will be held at our house on the coming Christmas Eve. I told them they need to help me on the decoration part and of course, they are so happy and can not wait to help!

I will bring my two little princesses to shop for decoration stuffs this weekend. Let them choice whatever they like to decorate the Christmas tree and our house. I am now wondering shall I tell them what will be the Christmas Party Game that we are going to play on that night. I just learn on how to play dirty Santa. Maybe I shall have a test on the fun of this game with my two little princesses before the day.

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