Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back-Up Copy

Because hubby is using digital camera, he has so many photos in digital form. At first he saved all his photos in DVD but recently his friend experienced DVDs corrupted and lost all his great shots. His friends advised him either save an extra back up set in DVD or save all the digital photos in hard drives. Hubby is in the consideration to buy one hard disk to save all his snaps now.

For you who don’t want to loss all your data or files please save at least twice copy as a back-up file so that you may not at risk.


Monika Dramen said...

A second copy is always a good idea. I have a file on my computer full of back up files, just in case I ever need them. My photos ended up taking up too much room on my computer so I put them on DVD, but if you say there are problems with this, then I might look again and try to find a safer way of storing them.


casas rurales en segovia said...

Thats good advice. I've een backing up my photos on to 2 dvds for a couple of years now but I'm also considering buying and external hard drive just for this purpose too.

sun security said...

I used to backup my pics on DVD too and I quickly discovered that this was not the way to go. I now use a external hard-drive but I still worry that this is not the way to go. That is one thing that I miss about 35mm cameras, negatives.

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