Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Website

Our new big boss had a meeting with our marketing team this afternoon. The meeting will on every week. Again, the meeting still focused to our company re-branding. She decided we need to have a brand new company website. It's time to change a fresh and new look. She did not satisfy with our company's website current design and the performance. She wishes to have one with 3D and flash presentation with luxury, and model looking design. She decided to discontinue with the current service provider and looking to get a new one.

She urged the marketing team to come out the web page design and get her to review by two weeks time. She wishes to have a new luncheon for our company new website by end of this month or latest by beginning of November.

Maybe I should suggest her contact new york it consulting. I know that this company providing excellent website design as well as e-commerce development service. Besides, this is one of the 25 largest IT consulting firms which ranked in the Boston Business Journal. If she is willing to spend, I am sure this is the professional firm can helps to achieve her goal.


NFL said...

Hello Xilly, how's your job?

Online Divorce record said...

Well , if you think it is good for your company then do go for new york it consultants. I am sure they ll do it more than your expectations:)

Good luck with it.

Chrystal K. said...

A new start can be refreshing.