Wednesday, October 8, 2008


From news we can see the share market is bad compare to before. Some said economy is turning down. Some people advise not to spend much, better save whatever we have for safely survive if there is really bad happened. But still, they are group of people who are not affected. Some will encourage continue keep on spending so to be a part to enhance economy.

My resident area most people are within the middle income range. I am wondering this group of the people is not much affected by the current economy status. Within my housing area, they are at least five houses are expanding and doing renovation now. I can see the construction workers, moving company, Art Storage Company, debris cleaning workers are busying doing their jobs respectively. My mother in law did complain that it's really noisy during their construction working hours.

Today's construction cost is more expensive due to the material pricing increased. From what I estimated, the cost of renovation including new furniture and fittings will be from the range of RM50k to RM150k or even more than that. Some will think that will be a big spending but for them, they are deserve to have a bigger and more beautiful houses as they are willing to spend.

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