Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Diamond Store

When choosing Engagement Rings, what is your preferable type? 18k gold, silver, platinum, gemstone, pearl or Diamonds?

I love to have a diamond ring but unfortunately I didn't get it from my hubby. What I have now on my right hand ring finger is a 916 gold weeding ring. I am not regret to marriage without a diamond ring. His loves and supports that he given to me is more than a diamond ring. But, I will definitely get at least one diamond Jewelry in my life.

I treat this as a reward to myself. I have save a part of my earnings for this purpose. I am planning to get a perfect one. The more I save I can have a bigger one. LOL

Here are some guidelines for me so to ensure that I will get a pure and certified one. I keep the links here as a future references.

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