Monday, September 22, 2008

Escape of Medical Check Up

Have you done your annual medical check up? Although everyone know we should check up our body for at least once a year but not many people will do so. My hubby is one of them. He did done his medical check up two years before continuously. But he doesn’t want to do it for this year.

The first and second year medical check up results showed that his body is in good condition but a bit high in cholesterol level. Again, like the case of his father, doctor not encouraged him to take any medicine to control the cholesterol level but ask him to beware of foods taken.

Hubby claims that as long as he takes good care of his foods intakes, keep up exercise, and he didn’t feel anything wrong with his body. He can save and escape from medical check up this year.

I did notice that his cholesterol level is a bit higher compare to the first year result. This is the reason that I am worry about. Maybe he should try on EDTA. We do aware that high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke is not only disease for high age group but young age also have the potential to be the victims. If he can try on EDTA oral chelation for artery cleansing then it’s great. At least the risk to get those diseases is lower. Then me as his wife can be less worry a bit.

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