Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Further to our company new office renovation, my big boss is going towards re-branding our company. We have already settled down our new work place. It’s time to start busy on upgrading our products. This is the message from our top management after the board meeting last week. A Branding Agency will come in and help us up for this purpose.

We did know that she has strong eco-awareness and she hope that we all working as a team with her can be have same minded as her. We all need to be well prepared ourselves to work even harder. She is targeted to have her eco-friendly wonderland constructed and finished in one and half year period. This is a challenge for all of us.

I believe that I will have a brighter future continue working with this company. I am wondering how far I can go together with this company. Works is tough right now. I just can't really imaging how worst will be when the project started move on....


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