Friday, August 1, 2008

What you will do on 08.08.08?

Do you still remember my plan on 08.08.08? I planed this one year ago. I think this meme that I created has been stop somewhere. But I do thank you all of you who joined and posted for this. Hopefully you will remember this if you done so.

As promised, I will list it out on 08.08.08. Today is one week ahead. And this is one of the reasons I on leave today. I need to check one by one who wrote for this meme before. Hopefully I can get a final and complete list for this meme.

If any one of you wishes to share with me your plan of the day, do share with me. We still got time. :P

Thanks in advance to:
Lovely Mummy
chooi peng
Mummy to QiQi
Jacelyn Chew
Judy Chow
Anggie's journel
Simple American
Malaika's mummy
G @

I can't locate the post that some of you wrote before. Please check and let me know if you had already deleted it. :P

Please let me know if I miss out somebody that you are taged. Come & visit me on 08.08.08 again!


jason said...

Special day indeed. I will start planning something special for it surely. It really deserves. 8:08 i will be by my TV :)

Hostmonster said...

sorry,no plans yet....

Web Directory List said...

yeah how can i forget it.It's tripple 8 day.Anyway it'll be batter if u visit by train that's i'm going to do.......It gives u pleasure..

Matti said...

Large praise for this well written and easily understandable contribution. I take up this blog to my favorites and times will soon again by-look.

Amidrin said...

Oh yeah.. I almost forgot that I had done this meme a year ago. Thanks for reminding. I have totally forgoten what I wish to be doing on this tripple 8 day. So I read through my post and found that my wish is not going to come true.... duh!

Elaine said...

Hello, here's my tag done one year ago

I didn't call my aunt, but wrote her a mail.

What am/will I be doing today.. busy with kids and packing. Going to watch Olympics opening ceremony and travel back to kl after that.

Susan said...

Oh that was long ago but I remember that i was planing what to do on 09.09.09. :)