Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad News

I am damn upset with the decision making by my CFO. As I told you before, one of our team members will leave us. I always complain that I working in a damn busy company. One staff leaving means more tasks is waiting. A recruitment ad is out and the respond is good as well. More than ten candidates walk in interviews by the CFO. None of them meet his requirements but he chooses one who can join us only one month later. My colleague last working day is on 15.08.08. The new staff starts work on 18.08.08.

I wish I am not involved in this but unfortunately I am not. Now I need to be the backup and be prepared to guide and lead the new staff. This supposes to be the responsible of my colleague who resign. She knows her jobs well. If the new staff can come in before she leave that is perfect. How can my CFO do this to me! I really don't know what to say now. DAMN ANGRY!


The moaning blogger said...

Dont worry, everything will work out in the end, it always does, people tend to worry too much, regards, mick..

Hostmonster said...

I think you should calm down and relax

Mister Gibson said...

Exactly my advice too, just chill, you are stressing over nothing, you definitley need to learn to relax, stress is no good for you.