Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can it be the Same Payment Method?

I just renew my car insurance and road tax recently. As I told you in my previous post before, I get scold by my hubby because of my late renewal. Yes, I know I am a forgetful person. But I just can not stand my hubby scold me because of this little thing. If you really want to remind me then just send me a reminder, why you scold me like hell?

As hubby told me, if we didn’t renew our car insurance then the coverage will be lapse. What are the questions in my mind right now is: Is it possible to enjoy car insurance with auto renewal? Or can we enjoy one month grace period after the insurance expiry date?

I am wondering now why paying to auto insurance can not be the same as we paying life insurance premium. I am paying life insurance premium every month with my credit card and some more that is under auto payment scheme. I no need to remember when the due date is. I no need to worry about the expiry date because of my payment on time. Don’t you think this is more flexible and more reasonable? I do hope insurance company can consider this so that I will not scold by my hubby due to my late renewal next time….

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