Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gift for Mother's Day

I don’t know this to be done last minutes. I shall remind him earlier. I don’t see any action taken by my man until now. This weekend is Mother’s Day. Previous years I will plan earlier and ‘force’ my hubby celebrate this special occasion after being a mom. I still have no plan yet until today.

I am in the consideration of my mother’s day gift. Yes, this year I wish to have a special gift from hubby. I saw one three stones Diamond ring which I can enjoy 10% discount with coupon code: THTM10P801321. Besides, we can enjoy free shipping if the purchase over $75.00. Better ask hubby to check the site and place the order so that I can get it on time. :P


soccer betting said...

I am gonna buy the mug for my mother in the international mothers day. My gift to my mother is a mug for my mother and she would must be like the gift I am sure about that.

Photobuch said...

Mother is a loving person to all of us. I will buy present for my mother. I wish that my mother Live Long. And also I like to share our felling for that people who have no mother. Thanks for your post!