Saturday, May 24, 2008

Father's Day Planning

Just right after the celebration of Mother's Day, we have to start to prepare and plan for Father's Day. That will be another three weeks later. I wish the day to be celebrated happily and running smooth, so I have to get ready and be prepared for the day planning.

I just make appointments with all my family members. Yes, appointments have to be made in earlier days to ensure that everyone is free. Every one is attendance compulsory. This is to confirm that none of them celebrate with their in-law in the same day. :P

Like usual, we all take turn to in-charge of buying gift to our dad. This year is my turn. See, I had already sends all my family members this corum watches photos together with the price range as well. I know father likes this brand very much. He had one that with him for about twelve years. I wish to get him a latest release.

I need to get everyone approval before I take action since this is a luxury watch. I wish the price is under every one budget. My brother asks me to get father's approval before we buy. But if we do so, then will be no surprise. Let's see how my two sister's opinion about this....


Kristian Liebrand said...

Its good to plan for the fathers day as we can give the best wishes for them. If we go in a planned way it will be easy for us to prepare ourselves throughly.

Luca Govo said...

The idea of taking turn to buy gift for your dad is a really awesome idea. Hope all of them agrees to buy that watch and make your wish come true.

Rachel said...

Fathers Day is on the 15th June. We have a great idea for a gift. Our waterproof memo boards are great, they mean you can jot down ideas in wet and dry conditions, in the shower, in the rain, in the pool, in the garden or in the greenhouse. Great for Dad's who like water sports, gardening or showers!

It is a great gift for men as they seem to get flashes of inspiration at odd times and to have a handy waterproof memo boards that is portable and tough which can be scribled on whenever necessary is a great thing to own.

So treat Dad this Fathers Day to the most useful gift he has ever received.