Thursday, May 22, 2008


I love cookies especially chocolate walnut cookies. I can't work without it during my office hours. I have to admit this is a bad habit! For me, this is the best Client and Employee Gifts. Yes, I do received cookies from my ex-bosses and my suppliers because they all well known my style. :P

I wish I can make it by myself and no need to spend outside but unfortunately I have no luck in kitchen. I'm so jealous with those who know how to cook nice cookies. My wish now is getting someone to spend me Gourmet Cookies for a year. Have you heard the offer Year of Cookies? One dozen cookies delivered once a month for a year at $180 with free shipping charges. Any volunteer?


document retention said...

i wish i could cook or id take you on that offer :D my favorite cookies are mint chocolate chip cookies. taste sooooo goood! :D

englische versicherungen said...

I like chocolate. thanks for your post.

haftpflichtversicherung said...

Best of Luck. I think you will cook a good food. Thanks

Marc Klein said...

Cookies are very tastier and also mouth watering. I love cookies and also love to prepare them. Especially the kids love and also enjoy them very much.