Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bank Account

How many bank accounts you have? I currently have five bank accounts with different banks. This is actually not what I want. Every time I changed new job, the company will required to open a new bank account with their panel banker. This is for the convenience of the company for monthly salary direct bank in to the employee's bank account. Because of this reason I have no choice to open many savings accounts.

I am a lazy woman. I don't like to maintenance so many accounts in once. The main reason is because it is silly to memories all those accounts ATM passwords, phone banking passwords and some more internet banking passwords. Will you using one password for all these? I don't. I feel unsecured if maintenance only one password. But the problem is with different password, I am confusing myself all the times. :P

I decided to close all those account and maintenance only one Savings Account. Of course, this is the one that my current company banker. This is to ensure my pay will be transfer to my saving account successfully. :P Besides, the bank offering free internet online banking and free electronic statements, this is the main benefit that I prefer. Although my account didn't maintenance huge figures but I will be no more hassle to check my bank balance status anytime anywhere.

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Velvet said...

I have 3 accounts and it's a nightmare.