Monday, April 14, 2008

Men Gift Idea

I always feel headache to buy gift to my man. Of to say, I am really out of idea what to buy for him especially on the special occasions. We are together more than ten years. I can count those items that I brought to him from top to toes. But when come to special occasions, there must be some things special, isn't it? This post is to remain myself the next item I am going to buy. I like these kinds of gold cufflinks designs. This is to avoid myself from run out of gift idea. :P

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Free ringtones said...

I am sure you must have already bought him a gold bracelet. If you haven't you really should. I think every woman should buy his man a heavy chain with a pendant -- remind him every time he looks himself in the mirror that he belongs to you! A watch coz everytime he looks at it he should think of you. A bracelet coz everytime he holds another woman's hand he would see that "someone's watching" lol

well thats what my gf said to me lol

But for the special occasion one gift that she gave trumps it all -- sorry too personal to say it here lol ... but let's just say it involed another person lol