Saturday, April 5, 2008

5 Days Work

Hurray! This is the good news after the management meeting yesterday.

Our company will be operating five days a week. This new practice will started on May. We need to stay one hour longer in the office everyday to compensate the half day work on Saturday. This mean that we need to work from 9am to 6pm daily for five working days and we are off on Saturday and Sunday.

I am so happy with this announcement from the new CEO decision. But I started worry also. I force to work longer hour everyday because of the heavy work flow. This is the fact that I can not escape. Even though Saturday off means I can save petrol cost for traveling to work but I worry I will spend more on Saturday with family as well.... *Sigh*

1 comment:

Mandy said...

wei...saturday no ned to work is good mah. no ned to waste time and petrol. nowadays i want to find 5 days work pun tak ada.