Friday, March 21, 2008

Selling Endowment

How much do you spend for your insurances? Life insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance, hospital and surgery insurance and 36 illnesses, these all insurances looks so common. I brought my first insurance since ten years ago. Of course the coverage and sum insured is limited compare to now but I not dare to increase or get an additional plan. One of the reason is my monthly spending are fully allocated. Of course this is a very good excuse to reject an insurance agent offers.

The main reason is because insurance need to be paid continuously and this consider long term investment. If any things happen to me where I have loss my income to maintenance the premium, I will loss my protection. Some more the surrender value will be not a good amount. My knowledge about insurance is so limited until I discovered about selling endowment plan, then I only realize that the market is having such a great idea to protect insurance holders.

When comes to difficulty to continue paying the sum insured, I had an alternative way where I can Sell my endowment. The company will help to search for potential buyer so that I can enjoy 35% more than my surrender value. This idea looks so cool as I can lower my risk and enjoy better surrender value amount. Emm, I am considering to top up my life insurance now.


new zealand news said...

I had no idea you could sell your endowment. I guess there is a lot more about insurance I need to learn.

Toronto Dedicated Servers said...

Insurance need to be paid continuously and this consider long term investment. So it is a good excuse refuse it.