Monday, February 11, 2008


I didn't expect that I can have it this year from my part time boss. I really appreciated to my boss. I still remember last year Chinese New Year he applied Payday Loan and make it as yearly bonus to all staffs. That time our company cash flow really tied. As an Accounts Executive in the company, I manage to know how the money came into company account. And the reason he do so is because he claimed that he been an employee before. He agreed that every employees are working hard whole year for him and the company so he wants to do something so that everyone are happy and continue contribute their hard work to the company. Of course, I keep this secret until today. No body knows accept me.
He offered me as part time accounts staff after my resignation. Because I am a part time worker, I didn't expect to get anything beside my pay but he treated me same as his full time workers. The bonus figure is not much actually but this make me a surprise. Can you believe that there is such a good guy in this world? Not because of the money or bonus concern but the effort and his concern to his worker's benefit. He is the excellent boss that I never seen!

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bokjae said...

Glad to know your boss is good! Congrats for the bonus! I havent have a bonus for over 10 years! sigh!