Friday, January 11, 2008

Staff Training Program

It's so happy to know that our new CEO is specified in employees training and learning. I am totally agreed with the CEO: Working is not just doing what you know. If there are any changes to bring up your knowledge to improve your working skills, you better don't miss the opportunities. Learning more don't means that you need to do more but that will be an additional skill for you to study and improve on. The more you know the better career you may have. Knowledge and skills are following you wherever you go. As long as you dare to let it become your profession.

Most of the staffs are submitting their training application forms for department head approval. As a developer company, all staffs are encourages to improved and qualified in the construction skills. Even though our new CEO also applying to improve in CSkills. For us in financial department, we aim to get accounting courses related to development and construction standards. We do know that our CEO will not concern to the education costs but he is more concern on the learning and training results where we all can implement to our daily work.

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