Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Present to Hubby

Hubby loss his weeding ring two years ago. At the beginning, I had asked for a replacement ring but always no answer from my hubby. All I need to do is believe that hubby don't like to wear accessory instead of keep on worry hubby prefer people (especially ladies) treat him as still single. :P
I manage to date with hubby last Sunday and I brought a pair of silver rings for us. The first gold weeding ring is on my right ring finger and I am wearing this silver ring on my left ring finger now. Do you agree that I love my hubby is more than my hubby love me? LOL


make money from home said...

Lol... really funny... nice post.

Bingo Online said...

Hmm, i think you love each other and there's nothing in between that would separate both of you.. all the best and cheers!