Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stingy or Smart ?

You can say I am the kind of stingy woman. When ever I plan to buy a thing, I will definitely go for more than two stores to compare pricing. That's including daily needs even though small stuffs like soaps or milk powder for kids. I want to make sure I am really saving my pocket money. :P

Whenever come to purchase items that I never buy before especially electrical or home appliance, I will seek for adviser. I will keep on asking same questions to my friends and relative on the products usage convenience and value on the worth of buying. I know that nothing is better listen to advices from an experience user. Compare to those products promoter, they can only explain to you the products function and usage method, I rather relying on the experiences of a products usage and performance. Of course I consider my budget as well. :P

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perros said...

It sounds like you are a bigtime shopper and deal maker! I like to think of myself of one to get a good deal on big ticket items, but I miss out on easy ways to save money often too.