Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quit Smoking ?

I heard from most of my mummy friends that they getting hemorrhoids during their pregnancy. Some women may get it but some may not. Some friends even told me that smoking can help it grow. I don't really study this topic before on how and why such cases easily happen when come to women pregnancy. But I am one of the victims. This comes along during my pregnancy with my second princesses. Actually I feel strange because I don't get it when my first pregnancy.

This is not a serious case for me but it did affect my life. Nowadays I have to take good care of my meals intake so to make sure I have no problem when I go toilet. Else, I will suffer pain or even bleeding from my back. To resolve this problem I trying to search net for some efficiency products can help to control it. Of course, I will seek for doctor advice before consuming such product. Some friends told me that. Do you have any better suggestion?


Nicotine drug test said...

Michelle Wun.

Thanks for sharing this information about hemorrhoids during pregnancy. You are doing great job by taking good meal. I would suggest you consult a specialist before going to use any product.


Quit Smoking said...

Hello, Michelle!

Smoking cannot help! You really need to stop smoking (if you pregnant it very(!) important now). You can read my tips and recommendations how to stop smoking at

Anonymous said...

You have to believe in yourself . That's the secret of success.