Friday, October 5, 2007

Poor Health

I am complaining my colleague so I write this post for him. I am totally disappointed with his poor body health. From the first day I joined my new company, I always hear him complaining about his sickness. The most he asks is headache treatment. He himself also doesn't know why he always keeps affected by headache but this really makes me feel tired. Every time he starts complaining, I am the one advice him go for specialist. Well, not every one brave to see doctor if they know themselves having sickness. This is the kind of poor attitude that makes him more suffer.
Hey friend, you are still single. You have not marriage yet. Some more you may have children in future if you are healthy. Better keep yourself healthy so that you can be long life and enjoy your life!

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keeyit said...

Alot of young people like to have nightlife, eat all those junk food, working till late without meals, they totally do not care on their health. BUT later in mid 40, problem will come. Prevent better than cure.