Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Long working hour

I am getting more and more busier on works. After more than one month, our company auditor will come out draft accounts within this week. Does this mean we can relax after this? Nope! The head of finance is scheduled the monitoring auditor will be coming in either this week or next week. Because of this, we have to stay in office to rush our transactions, reporting, filings until 10pm. This actually first time in my working life work so long hour. *sob*


babyfiona said...

pity you..but working life is like that...i actually stayed back in office for the auditing until 4 am..sigh...!

anyway, care for a linky love? get back to me yah thanks!

sir jorge said...

sounds like a lot!

Edward said...

I tagged you as you are in my blog roll. Read my entry.
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