Wednesday, July 4, 2007

IPITV Magazine

Do you read often? What will be the best media for your reading sources? Besides newspaper, do you reading magazines? Are you subscribing any magazines? What will be the topic that you most care about? I often read blogs and e-news. Other than that I do subscribe magazine. I always feel happy when the monthly new releases reach my door step by mailman. I more prefer feminine and gossips. Other than that, I do wish to update myself in the latest industry field.

I just come across ipitv magazine. The Waste Age magazine talks about waste management that make me feel interested to the topics. Do you want to find out How to Increase Recycled Paper Purchasing? Do you interest about food waste? I wish more and more people will more aware about recycling and reproduction. It's importance to keep up the works so to extend our earth living able life.

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