Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I miss My Blogs

My new company having so many daily transactions and pending works. Some more now they are working with auditors for 3 years audit. Later the company will going to be listed. So, you can now imaging that the place will be like a war condition. Accounting staff will be the most heavy duty department. I know I can learn so much in the company. I like the working environment. I have to get use to the conditions. Now you know why my blogs are hiatus for few days. I don't know how soon will be I can continue my effort in blogging. I miss my blogs so much. :(


Jacelyn Chew said...

Just relax and keep no tense for u...sometimes i do feel the same like u, too much work on hand, but own heart is just thinking of blogging....but couldn't. u'll soon settle down and blog again like us!

Annie Q said...

Hope u won't be missing for too long oh! U miss ur blog, we miss ur blog too. ;)
How is ur new job? Ok?