Monday, June 25, 2007

Packing Materials

My boss will go to try in distributor market. He wishes to expand our company business to outstation or whole Malaysia if possible. He aims to push our mechanical seal products. We getting the sources from oversea and we will complete the final process at our company. With the existing customer on hand, he is planning to on our first promotion by next month. I am the one who in charged of the packing materials and shipment arrangement.

Getting good quality of cardboard boxes should be an easy job. I prefer buying online because I already pick one packing material supplier. But I am wondering what will be the sizes that I need to consider as we are selling in bulk with different quantity. I am wondering shall I order 3 different sizes of cardboard boxes for our customer variety quantity orders. 3 is it enough? Or we need more than that? I think I better purpose it to my boss and let him to make the final decision on the packing materials purchases.

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