Thursday, June 7, 2007

Online Recipes

Do you often shop for food recipes in book store? If so, I think you can save your money now by hop over to Complete Recipes. You can get over 151,000 recipes in the site! I wish to get some new recipes for rice and you know what? Just the rice category itself that are containing 9 pages, I am not calculating in exactly but there should be more than 800 over style of rice recipes. That's really make me headache how to choice and select from it one by one. :P But if you like to discover more cook style, I am sure you love it. Enjoy your cooking!


Cyberpartygal said...

Well, since I discovered the internet, I never buy recipe books anymore!

Michelle Wun said...

Hi Cyberpartygal, thanks for dropping by, please do come often. :)