Saturday, June 9, 2007

Merchant Circle Online Directory

This is a great place for those business who want to expand their business through the power of internet. Merchant Circle allow only business owners can get listed in their online directory by register their business phone number. Once registered, business owners can create their blogs, insert products and brandname pictures and photos, embed promotion coupons, newsletters as well as link to other business owners to establish new business relationship. The site also provides a bulletion board for each member as a forum to gather customer feedback and buying experience.

As a dectory user, you can reach your selected store very fast. Some more you can read the business customer review and know better about the store. I love shoes and I discover Exotique in the directory. The buy one free one promotion coupon is the one I need. I can print out and even email to my friend about this great deal.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How do you know that the reviews about the merchants are really from customers?
Merchants can post all the reviews for themselves on there, so anyone reading them have no idea that its the merchant and not customers.

The site needs to make sure that only real customers leave reviews and ratings not merchants themselves, its deceiving.