Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Red Carpet Gown Store

How I wish I can introduce to The Red Carpet in 6 years earlier. When the time I prepare for my weeding, (yes, I married 6 years ago) I keep on searching around a unique weeding evening dresses for myself. I wish I can be the most beauty woman in the world on my weeding day. Finally I get one but that is not 100% meet my requirement. I selected 2 gowns from the store. The fist on looks charm and elegant and the second one looks sweet and pretty. I like the designs very much.

You know what, the site offer gown size from 2 to 28. As you know I am a skinny but I think I can get one fit to myself. Oh, I have two sister haven't married yet. I am not sure will them willing to spend for their unique weeding gown. But I am wondering maybe I can get one or two bridesmaids gowns from the store on my sisters weeding day. :P

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