Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Water Disruption

It has been the third day no water supply in my area. I am very suprise how it will be the problems caused so long to fix by Syabas. Normally every time it happens to be water coming out slow from main pipe, I will directly report to Syabas, our local water supply company. Their customer service teams are not bad. Normally they will take down my report and send to the investigate team if the case new to them. Or, they will let me know what the problems occurs and the estimated time for water supply recovery.

Yesterday when I reach home, my mother in-law house is out of water. She has to come over to my house for water. I have no choice to call them up again and notice that the problems still in progress. Then they arrange water tanker for us. I made my call around 7.30pm. The water tanker arrived around 12.00 midnight. It's the water tanker delivery guy last trip I think. From here you can image how worse it will be. From the news today, more than 200,000 consumers in my area are affected by the water disruption.


Erik said...

well sorry to hear about the water. where exactly are you from? it says that you are trying to get better at writing in English, I think this is a great way to do it. Hope you get water soon

Michelle Wun said...

Hi Erik, Thanks for your encourgement. Too bad I can not reach your site because your Blogger Profile is disable. :(