Sunday, May 6, 2007


Oh, this is the terrible case. My home pc affected by virus. When I work at home yesterday, my antivirus pop up and inform me that a virus found and ask me to get renew so that I can get latest virus updates and fix the problems. Oh yes. My antivirus software is validation was expired.

Because I come across a free antivirus download site, I download from the site into my home pc. Look at the results: Totally 398 viruses founded! Arrrrrrrrrugh! I had tried to kill them with the antivirus software but seems like they are still some things hide behind. My pc now totally hangs and I can not do any things at home from there onwards! Damn It!

Who are those fellows created those viruses? Eat full nothing to do? If you are very genius in computer software then better applied to a profitable field. Why have to create so many problems to the worlds? Are you afraid that those antivirus software companies will close down because of no computer virus found in the world so you help them to create business? Or maybe those people are employed by antivirus software to create viruses? Then wish you earn big money. I am sure you CAN NOT enjoy what you earn for the rest of your life because you are doing the BAD things!!!


msaufong said...

I'm using free antivirus - avast, it quite ok..can updating without paying anything. Beside that you can use spybot to check and clear your spyware too.. I think this one.

Michelle Wun said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I will consider this.