Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Saturday

I have a date with my hubby yesterday. Such a long time we not date. It's not because both of us are busy but as you know, it's a little bit difficult to spend our times for a date because every time we go out will be bringing along our two little princesses.

The last dating was about 3 months ago. From here you will know that actually I and my hubby are very enjoying our family life. We seldom spend our times for two of us only even at home. Some times hubby will helps me to take care of my two little princesses when he is free at home so that I can free my hands to done my house keeping.

But it's great to be dating once a while just for two of us. We went to shopping and we brought some computer stuff. We eat lunch together and we spend whole afternoon together just for two. It's kind of relax and happy day for two of us. We have a perfect chat. As you know, if you are already having children, chatting to each other will be a little difficult because kids will always disturb when you are talking. We enjoy the day. Hopefully we can arrange our time to have another date in the near future.


chooi peng said...

i've tag you. enjoy, :)

Michelle Wun said...

Very excited! Thank you very much. :)

mommy of two angels said...

wah so lomantic one...i try to go out just the 2 of us...but in the end...cannot la...dump the girls meh!!! unless po po volunteer lor to take care, but i also feel guilty leh unless it's a big date like my birthday then can la.

Michelle Wun said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by. Please come again. :)