Sunday, May 20, 2007

Record of your age

If you want to record your life, you have to build up a habit to write your daily dairy. If you don't like to write often, maybe you can fix it to twice a week or once a week. If you want to record your age, you can refer your photos. Kid's outlook will change often. All you have to do is snap photos as much as possible. For adult, maybe you will claim that our outlook will remain unless we change our hair style.

Here I discovery a great idea of photo to record your age. You will find that, it's may be not a big different within few years but it will shown you getting older if you compare with your young age outlook. Will you follow their idea to snap a photo every year on a particular date? I think I will start now for my family. It's happy to see my two little lovely princesses grow. And it's good to keep my young age outlook as a wonderful memory from photos. It's prove that I am young before. :D

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