Sunday, May 20, 2007

Internet Problems

My office has 2 PCs. Me and me colleague are using the PC for office jobs as well as surfing internet. I can understand that when we are opening few software or application in once, our PCs will be a bit slow. Yes, we have no choice. We need to open accounting software, words, excel and internet window at the same time. That's run so far so good. Our PCs still can handle very well. But when comes to back up files or scanning virus, our PCs will slow down.

The bad comes at last Saturday. My pc is totally out when my colleague was downloading. It's her 1st time to download a medium size file. It's that because I am opening too many windows caused this problem? I have tried to close all my applications and my pc still hang until the download completed. I think is better to ask a computer expert come to settle this before the problems come worst. I can not imaging if my pc out one day, how am I going to do my jobs without a pc. I can not proceed my daily job is one thing. Some more I can not surf net. I have no choice to stop blogging..... Arrrrr, I think I will be crazy if the day comes. :P

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