Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Projector Rentals

I am chatting with my US supplier Alex and he told me that he is facing a trouble over there. His company will going to have a product launching tomorrow. He is the person in-charge for the event. So happened that his colleague just told him their LCD projector was not functioning. He is so worry now as he contacted his computer technician agent, the technician claimed that they have to send the LCD project for factory warranty claim and it's take time to get it back.

I looking to his problem and surfing over the site and discover a projector rentals service company. I think this is the one he need at the time being to solve his problems. Online rental is so easy. The most important part is the site provides overnight delivery. I just inform Alex about the site and hope he manages to run his presentation for the event and wish him all the best on the event.

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