Sunday, May 20, 2007

Free Hotel Voucher

Still remember my trip to Kuantan? That's a free hotel voucher for us to enjoy a 3 days 2 nights stays in Kuantan Hotel from Swiss-Garden International Vacation Club. Oh, trace back the date, that's was on beginning of the year. I get that on Jan 2007.

After 4 months, their tele marketing representative gives me a call and invites me to get another free hotel voucher. Oh! That's sounds funny. I am not sure how they keep track their records. Ass I know, they only allow people join once for their promotion free hotel voucher. Now, this will be my second invitation.

I am wondering shall I honestly let them know and let them to decided am I still eligible to enjoy their promotion free voucher. Or shall I pretend I am new to their promotion and go for another 45 minutes for their vacation membership package briefing to get the free hotel voucher? I still haven't decided yet. :P

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