Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Free Accommodation

Last saturday, we went to Amcorp Mall attending an invitation on Swiss-Garden International Vacation Club membership promotion.

You have to spend at least 45 mins , ( actually we stay there more than 1 hour) to attend the products explanation and you can get a free hotel accommodation voucher at their specified hotels.

Promotion sounds great but we are not signing up as a member since we have no extra budget on that. ** You know my financial status right now is totally negative + negative = negative HaHaHaa

We actually have friends attending such promotions before. The rules to attend this kind of promotions:

1st, you have to let the marketing people know that you are just to attend but make sure no coerce on package signingup or purchase.

2nd, you have to be as thick face as possible + as shamless as possible because the marketing people might be black face on you after you really + finally + conclusionly rejected to signing up the membership! **I like free stuff very much. So, it's not a big deal for me! :P

Luckily the marketing team there are so nice and so understandable. After we collect our free voucher, they still can keep a little bit smiling face on us. **So sorry to let you down but i aleady told you before started. I am a honest auntie!

The voucher last for 3 months. There are 3 places that we can choose: KL, Damai Laut or Kuantan. We are now planning to Kuantan during CNY. **HOORAY

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